Arch Street

In 2016, the City of New Britain created a dedicated area, known as Barrio Latino, to recognize this predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and celebrate the vast and profound cultural influence of Hispanic residents on the culture of the City. In collaboration with the New Britain Latino Coalition, the City has been working to build the business community in the area, stretching the length of Arch Street from Kensington Ave to West Pearl Street.

The Latino Coalition and Hispanic community have pledged their commitment to further support business improvements in the area. Barrio Latino is a work in progress, but stay tuned in to this area as it will only continue to grow!

¡Bienvenido al Barrio Latino!

Borinquen Bakery

Established in 2001, Borinquen Bakery is a family-owned bakery and pastry shop specializing in Puerto Rican products, such as tres leches, pastelillos, and bizcochos.


Founded in 1989 by entrepreneur Brenda Torres, Criollisimo Restaurant was opened out of a passion for amazing Puerto Rican food and service. The restaurant has been serving the community of New England for more than 30 years!

Five Churches Brewing

Serving up craft beer, wood-fired pizza, and a wide open taproom, Five Churches is downtown New Britain's first brewery.

Rooster's Chicken & Waffles

For chicken, mac & cheese, and the delicious combo of fried chicken and fresh, fluffy waffles, look no further than Rooster's!

Scott's Flowers

Rated one of the top florists in CT by Best of Hartford Magazine 2020, Scott's Flowers is your #1 source for fresh, beautiful floral arrangements.

What Not Shop

A great source for high quality, pre-owned furniture and antiques!

Austrian Club Donau

The Donau Clubhouse is the only center of Austrian and German activities in New Britain today, and open to all those interested in the German Austrian culture and experience!

Arch Street Pharmacy

A local, independently-owned pharmacy with a personal touch and a close connection to New Britain and its residents.

Taste of Jamaica

Offering a great variety of ethnic groceries and delicious Jamaican meals on the go, Taste of Jamaica introduces a great new flavor to the City of New Britain!

Riley's Hot Dog & Burger Gourmet

What started as a hot dog cart on South Street in 2010 has since become a well-loved brick and mortar business! Stop by Riley's for a gourmet take on an American staple.

Saints by S.J. Boutique

Natacha and Anise Saint Juste have been creating custom-made fashion since 2012, bringing old Hollywood with a modern couture touch to the City of New Britain!